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Mar. 20th, 2013

Break a Leg

It supposed to be a good luck wish. But when it come to something real, there's no luck in it at all. I broke my leg and it's far from luck. Too far.

2 weeks ago, I was coming home after overtime work, around 7.30 pm. I brought a lot of stuff with me, so I ask for a cab. As the cab comes, they informed me so I have to go downstairs. My office is on the 2nd floor. We use the stairs instead elevator.

Few days before, my mother has to be treated for some hours in ER. We came home at 2am. She got gastritis and it often occur when she forgot to take meal properly.

That night when I fell, I brough 30 cans of milk with me along with some biscuits for her, and also some other documents to proceed work at home. I stepped down the stairs carefully, and then when I thought the stairs over, it's not over yet.

I got 2 steps away from the bottom, when I think I'm on the bottom. I fell, and thankfully I divide my overweight body weight to wide surface. I fell on the side, my hand was up to protect my head from bumping the floor. I feel pain on my right ankle.

I can't see it or I may faint, so I try to feel my right leg to know where's the problem is by my hand without moving my leg at all. I feel different structure on my ankle. That's when I started to scream for help.

It took a while till someone came, a co-worker. As she came, she went out again right away. She saw my ankle shape and can't stand to see it, so she backed away. That time I started to cry, it must be really terrible. I cried out of fear. So I push my leg onto the wall and try to get it back in shape. I can't remember how it feels, too many things overwhelmed me at that time.

Not a while later a bunch of people already surrounds me. They tried to move me to get to hospital but I refuse to move an inch until I got first aid to my ankle.

I hate to say this, we are working in medical business but none of them understand first aid. So I asked them to find 2 splints-like for me and a rope. They find the splints and the rope and as they want to put it on me, they did it wrong, so I have to do it myself. Surely they helped after found the pattern.

Finally they carried me to the nearest hospital. I was in great pain. I ask them to only inform my brother and no one else. I'm afraid they'll tell my mother and she will be in great panic.

I got rontgent and then I saw my brother already arrived. I ask my friends to just return home coz it's already late and they might miss the bus. My brother already came anyway. The doctor came,a dn explained I broke my fibula, and got dislocated ankle. They will operate me for ORIF the next day.


In short, my mom came that night coz too late and none of her child home yet. So she came by the hospital and accompany me most of the time. As I got operated, my bosses even wait till I'm done. My friends at work also came, and many gws wishes from social media.

Currently, I may not stepped down my foot for 2 months and have to use supporting device. The doctor asked me to use crutches, but I tend to use wheelchair so that further accident won't happen. The cost is too high I can't bear another cost for this leg. So play it safe.

Now, would you give another thought on wishing one good luck? Don't break a leg would be perfect.

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Feb. 26th, 2013

Mobile application!!

Am looking forward to post more here. Since the application neatly installed in my mob phone.

Am a lil bit concern about the profile picture of Kaoru screaming. Gotta figure something out for this.. Maybe Kato Shige topless would be nice.. Been watching his drama which he barely wear any clothes on, and I wonder why..

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Sep. 9th, 2010

one day away from paradise

I'm the first child in the family. As a first child, I was 'made' to guide ways for my little brother. I was made to protect, I was made to be the symbol of the family after my dad passed away, I could say, I was made so everyone could rely on me.

Up to this moment, I think I've made my way. I might be not yet perfect to be the reliable person to lean on, but I'm on my way.

For most of your life you've been trying to drag yourself along with those you love to get through the path of life, as a human, I must be tired. I also need to lean onto someone sometimes. I did. I leaned on my mum or brother sometimes. Such a few sometimes.

In this moment, I really need someone to lean onto. I know I've lost everyone I used to lean on, and I really cannot lean onto my family. Because they're leaning onto me now.

I'm so tired to be upfront. I want to lay back and ease a while. I don't mind you lean onto me, but not tell me to be upfront also. Two tasks at once, I didn't even know how my father bear those things.

I want to stay here, freeze the moments, see the world around me, explore till I black out, then move on. May I not have the moment?

Why do we have to rush? We'll be end in grave somehow. What would we earn when we die? We cannot treasure the money. We could treasure the memories.

I wanna be that someone, that will be treasured by the world. By this small world of mine. I don't want any money nor wealthy you chase. I want memories, incredible ones, good ones. Those that time cannot decayed. Those that will put a meaning in my life, in others as well it might be.

Then if I meet The One, I could tell him the story of my life. I want to treasure my life. I don't want to take it as granted. May I not have it that way?

One day away from paradise. I will write again the book of my life.

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Sep. 8th, 2010

Mobile LJ

I'm testing my mobile device to post here.

Anyway, I'm 2 days away from paradise. It's 冒険ライダーJourney I may call.

Get back to work!

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Oct. 3rd, 2007


I've finally tried it!!!! I was so happy... We're 4 girls, singing Japanese songs karaoke!! It's so rare. They have the most complete list and even the new songs!!! I have to go there again REGULARLY!!!

Okay, so far I could remember... I've sang...

Siam Shade - Dreams
Siam Shade - Risk
Gackt - Leeca
Gackt - U+K
Dir en Grey - The Final
L'arc en Ciel - Link
Janne da Arc - Dear My...

and sing together...

V6 - Honey Beat
Kanjani8 - Osaka Sukiyanen
Kanjani8 - Kung-fu Fighting
News - Teppen
News - Cherish
Trio The Shakin - Itoshii Napolitan
SMAP - Seigi no mikata ate ni naranai
Kinki Kids - Anniversary
Tackey&Tsuba - Dame
Arashi - Love So Sweet
Yuna Ito - Endless Story
Mika Nakashima - Glamorous Sky

and never sing... the other that I didn't know. ^_____^

I'm now preparing another list to sing on my next coming!!!!

Jul. 31st, 2007

What the...???

I should be working for tomorrow's presentation, but.. here I am.. writing a blog about how happy I am browsing facts about TVXQ members. I hope my boss won't catch me in the act.

I've found interesting facts on each member (which I'm still learning to differ one from each other), but I don't dare to mention here... I have to give credit, but I forgot where I took it... Sorry!!! I'll track back later on... Really!

Thank you for those in in some communities who had helped me... 

Now I can't stop laughing out on U-Know's facts... Yunho to iu da ne...


(trying to figure out which one is Yunho... still..)

Jul. 16th, 2007



Now I'm working... I develop training manual for kids. Whoa... I love it, but my head is spinning like crazy...

I've listened various different music, and I'm so glad that soon Avenge Sevenfold will held a concert in my city. I'm ready to rock already!

Dir en Grey so far got so many changes since my last post...

I've listened to Loudness and addicted to their music. They're really the REAL legend rock band in Japan and all over the world...

I've been adoring Kanjani8 more than other Johnny's artists but recently got know more about Arashi and admitted falling in love with Sho Sakurai, who had his master degree already...

I'm thinking of saving money, so I could afford taking the master degree also...

Hmm... I added more blog account due to read official blogs of Japanese musicians.. I hope I didn'won't neglect any...

Feb. 14th, 2007

Kichatta!!! - Marrow of A Bone - Happy F**klentine's Day!!!

Just want to share how HAPPY I am receiving


Dir en Grey’s Marrow of A Bone






Dec. 23rd, 2006

First wallpaper entry...

Hooo!!! Making ONE wallpaper is such a hard work for me... If I didn't love them, I won't making this...

Dir en Grey Puzzled Blue




Nov. 20th, 2006


Not feeling well…

Not feeling well…




PS : pardon for bad words, but fucking kid wouldn’t be able to acknowledge the site, eh? Though so, without appropriate experience, I think the terms would be safe to read…


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